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Lunch Yields Study On Trash Receptacle Behavior 

Effective June 30, 2017
Williams Resigns as Maroa-Forsyth Superintendent

Mac On Sports

Sean Taylor to Moline

Letters To The Editor:

​• City Manager Should Apologize To Central Illinois Vietnam Era Veterans

• Governor Should Look At Budgetary Actions And Set Aside Personal Agenda

Fake Money Scam Alert Issued

Decatur Police Department Deputy Chief Cody L. Moore has issued a fake money scam alert.
"In the recent past there has been an influx of reports for counterfeit money being used at local businesses. The money is being found to look similar to real bills but has the phrase “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” and “FOR CINEMATIC USE ONLY” written on it in several places. These bills can be purchased off of the internet from various sources.The money is very realistic looking and we caution everyone to inspect any bills that they receive and contact the police with any questions concerning bills that they believe are counterfeit." 

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Schoolhouse, Records Vanished From The Prairie​

The People Speak In

'Letters To The Editor'

City Council Approves Public Works Funding, 
Residency Resolution

Annual ‘Let’s Keep Decatur And Macon County Bee-utiful!’ Contest Underway  

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Memories Of The One Room Schoolhouse On The Prairie

Bowser Named Assistant Principal At St. Teresa High School

Search Warrants Yield Over 10,000 Packages Of K-2 In Local Fight Against Drug Epidemic

Applebee Resigns Position On Maroa-Forsyth School Board


Letters To The Editor:

City Councilman Asks Citizens To Support Legislation 
To Ban Dark Tinted Vehicle Windows

Mac on Sports
Eisenhower Seeks Brooks Gym

Mac on Sports
Houser Resigns as LSA's

Boys Coach  
    Shannon Houser has resigned as LSA's basketball boys head coach after three seasons.      
    Athletic Director Kurt Younghouse made the announcement with no explanation for Houser's resignation.  
    In his three years as head coach, Houser was 20-10 in 2013-14, 18-13 in 2014-15, and 15-14 in 2015-16, and total record of 53-37.  In 2014-15 LSA won its first regional for boys basketball against Central A&M.
    I will have more on this developing story in a future print edition of the Decatur Tribune.


Letters To The Editor:

• Decatur Park Board Is Looking For More Money

From Taxpayers

• It's Very Important For 

Shoppers To Buy Local

​• Congress Failed To Provide

Any American Worker


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‘Old Decatur’ Has Vanished Right Before My Eyes

Mac on Sports 
Ingram Cites Vision for MacArthur

Macon County Circuit Court Launches Foreclosure 
Mediation Program

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Haines & Essick Was More Than A Downtown Store 

Mac on Sports
Etherton New Braves Grid Coach

Letters To The Editor:

• Saddened By Closing Of Haines And Essick

• This Nation Is Close To

Being What Founders 
Wanted To Avoid

​​Central Park Fountain in Downtown Decatur

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Annual Mt. Zion Community 
Ice Cream Social June 18

    The 21st Annual Mt. Zion Community Ice Cream Social will be held Saturday, June 18, 2016 from 5-7:30 pm at the United Methodist Church, 1220 W Main Street in Mt Zion. 
    During the event there will be ice cream and deserts, food and refreshments, crafts and activities for the children, music from local entertainment, silent auction baskets, and great conversations.
    This family-friendly event brings folks from the surrounding communities for fun and fellowship while raising funds for individuals in the community who are in the midst of a financial crisis due to medical issues.
    The social is organized and supported by several churches in the Mt Zion area which include: Antioch Christian Church, Mt Zion Presbyterian Church, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Mt Zion Lutheran Church and Mt Zion United Methodist Church. 
    For more information or contributions, contact can be made at mtzunitedmethodist.com.

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Our Citizens Honor

The Fallen From All

The Nation’s Wars 

    One of our city’s strengths is that so many good-hearted people live here and that’s reflected in a lot of ways -- including remembering those from our community who have given their all in defending our nation.
    The photo on the front page of this week's print edition of the Decatur Tribune shows the special event that was held last week at Decatur’s historical Greenwood Cemetery where more than 500 Civil War soldiers are buried. 
    Ada Owens, Decatur Township Clerk, organized the program and invited all citizens to attend with a special invitation given to all who served in the military.
    A special part of the program was when students from Mary W. French School walked from the school to Greenwood Cemetery carrying American flags to place on the Civil War soldiers’ grave.
    The event marked the beginning of remembering some 2,000 military personnel buried in the Decatur Town-ship cemeteries. 
    I’m always so pleased when I see young people participating in such tributes because they will be the ones to remember the fallen on Memorial Day in future years.

Fairview Park Memorial Day Observance May 30

    The Veteran's Assistance Commission of Macon County, Inc. will be commemorating Memorial Day Monday, May 30, with a service held at 10:00 a.m. in Fairview Park Pavilion, Decatur.
    Congressman Rodney Davis, (R-13th District of Illinois) will be the guest speaker for the event.

Graceland Cemetery

Service May 30 

    The Charles Parlier Chapter #24 of the Korean War Veterans Association will hold its 21st annual Memorial Day Service on Monday, May 30.
    The service will be held at a.m. in Graceland Cemetery at the Korean War Memorial located in the veterans section. (More details on page 11.)     
    Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe will be the speaker and she will do a great job.
    One of the great honors I had, not only as mayor but as a private citizen, was being able to speak at Fairview and Graceland services over the years.
    With a son serving in the military in harm’s way on those occasions it was especially meaningful.

Other Memorial Programs

    There are other programs planned for Memorial Day in the area and there was a Pre-Memorial Day Parade and program in Central Park Saturday.
    May God bless all who serve, who have served, but especially those who gave their lives in service to our nation -- and the families they left behind.
    Their loved ones need to know their ultimate sacrifices are not forgotten -- and will never be forgotten.

Retired Police Chief Wants
Investigation Of City Manager

       John L. Davis, an attorney for former Police Chief Mark Barthelemy, stopped by my office on Monday to further explain a verified petition he had filed with the circuit court a week ago to appoint a special prosecutor to “investigate and prosecute” Decatur City Manager Tim Gleason. 
       Davis told me Barthelemy believes that Macon County State’s Attorney Jay Scott would have a conflict of interest in any investigation or prosecution of Gleason.
    He also said that while Scott has appointed a special prosecutor in reference to fired Police Chief Brad Sweeney, and his lawsuit against the City of Decatur​, there is no investigation or prosecution underway regarding possible criminal charges against Gleason for personal use of a police vehicle and police driver to take him to St. Louis.
       Davis told me the petition is something separate from the current lawsuit of Sweeney against the City of Decatur and that’s why his client (Barthelemy) is asking for a special prosecutor.
​      However, if criminal misconduct on the part of the city manager is found, it could have influence in a jury trial regarding the lawsuit filed by Sweeney against the City of Decatur, so there is, at least, an indirect connection.
    Of course, by the time you read this column, the lawsuit against the city could be dismissed or headed for a jury trial.
‘Insane Road Rage Brawl

In Decatur’

    The above headline was on more than one popular website that showed the video of a road rage brawl between six people during lunch time a week ago Sunday.  The video has gone viral and is everywhere!!!!
    Actually, the brawl was at an intersection in Forsyth, not Decatur, but Decatur usually gets the headline and blame if anything ugly happens within a 25 mile radius of our city.
    Macon County Sheriff's deputies were alerted to the fight at U.S. 51 and Barnett Avenue as traffic streamed by in all directions and the officers showed up quickly.
    A 19-year-old Decatur woman was arrested and booked on charges of felony mob action, aggravated battery in a public place and criminal damage.
    And a Decatur man, 35, was arrested on charges of felony mob action and criminal damage to property.
    I guess it is safe to assume they weren’t coming from an inspiring church service and headed for Sunday lunch.
    Apparently, the insults that sparked the fight started while the cars where still in Decatur and escalated as they headed north towards Forsyth.
    Local organizations work so hard to build a positive image of Decatur and then a road rage brawl is what makes the headlines across the nation.
    To paraphrase a famous old saying: “Negative news can travel around the world while positive news is getting its shoes on.”
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