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    • THE FLOWERS that adorn the area surrounding the public library building in the 100 block of North Franklin Street are great to see and enjoy as I walk by them heading to the post office each day.  I stopped and shot the photo of one of the concrete planters (photo above) which was full of beauty, one morning last week.  That’s only one small part of all of the flowers that adorn the area in stark contrast with all of the concrete.
    I know a lot of work goes into that effort, and, if those responsible are working in the area some day when you’re walking by, stop and thank them for their efforts.
    Beautiful flowers not only help make downtown beautiful, but they also make my day when I see them.  It’s worth a trip downtown just to see the beautiful results of a lot of hard work -- and that’s been the case for many years with the gardens.
    Great job!!  Thank you.

•  I HAVEN’T been over to Tandoor Indian Grill at 134 East Main Street yet, even though it has been open for a few weeks.  It’s located where Pastabilities was in business for about a dozen years before it closed due to the death of its owner, Angie Constant.

    The day the Greater Decatur Chamber of Com-merce cut the ribbon to offically open the business, was the same day that a Decatur Police Officer shot a local man and all of the news then revolved around that story, which eliminated much news about the official opening -- which is understandable.         
    That same evening, much of downtown was shut down, when the unity rally was held in front of the Macon County Courthouse, due to uncertainty about crowd control.
    Then a day or two later, I heard sirens and saw two fire trucks pull up in front of the business! 
    The fire trucks left soon after so it must have been a false alarm or something minor, but it is not great advertising for a restaurant when two fire trucks are stopped in front of the business.
    Apparently, things have settled down since then. 
    The talk I’ve heard from people who have patronized the restaurant, is they thought the food was great.
    I do have an unobstructed view of the grill from my office windows and, it seems anytime I look out the window over the lunch period, there are a lot of people coming and going which should spell success. 
    If you want more information about the restaurant, give them a call at (217) 542-7235.  
    Their website is
    Best wishes to Tandoor Indian Grill -- another addition to downtown.

 • IT’S NOT A PROBLEM in Central Park that most people would even think about, but, apparently, some of the people who hang around the park are messing around with the sprinkler system that is used to keep the grass looking great.
    I suppose it is one thing to sleep and live in the park -- and something else when you start damaging parts because they keep you awake or interrupt your “personal space”.
    Of course, that makes it much harder for City of Decatur employees to keep the park looking great.

• WHILE I’M ON the subject of Central Park, if you look carefully, you’ll notice several of the trees have something white growing out of them -- or so it seems.
    Actually, it’s not growing out of them.  There are many small white hangers nailed into the trunks which were used to put Christmas lights on the trees at holiday time.
    While I appreciate the effort and beauty of our friends who put all of the lights on the trees and illuminate Central Park during the holiday season, it would probably be a good idea to remove the white wire holders from the trees when the lights are removed.
    Rick Marley, Public Works Director for the City of Decatur, and the city workers don’t appreciate seeing them and, if they have to remove them, someone may end up getting an invoice for the work.
    Just sayin....

 •  AS YOU can see in the photo below that I shot on a busy workday morning at about 10:30 there’s still “a few monthly rental parking spaces” left in the upper level of the city’s parking garage on the southeast corner of East Main and Franklin streets. 


 Parking spaces for downtown clients and customers of businesses are still not readily available in certain parts of downtown because too many people who work downtown park on the street all day.
    Don’t give me the “I work downtown but I am a customer of downtown stores, too,” argument to justify parking on the street all day and not using a designated parking lot area like the municipal garage pictured above. 
    It seems like, more and more, we have customers who want to visit the Tribune offices but call and tell us they drove around a three or four block area trying to find a place to park without success so they headed home.
    When downtown business owners and managers hear statements like that enough times, they look for another location outside of the core area to locate their business.
    Through a combined rate in our office building, I pay $10.00 a month for a parking space that’s a half a block from where I work.  I also rent them for those who work here and have done so for years.
    Maybe a lot of downtown workers refuse to rent those spaces because walking a half a block to their car each day makes them late for their physical fitness class! 
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​​Central Park Fountain in Downtown Decatur

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